& Events by Chef Jake O. Francis of Valley Piggery


Bespoke menus crafted to reflect the elegantly rustic terroir and bounty of California's Central Coast.   

the trajectory

I am a chef by trade, a farmer by choice, and a butcher by necessity.  I started my culinary career 15 years ago in my hometown of Seattle, Washington, under Chef Jim Drohman at what I would still consider one of the best restaurants in the world, Le Pichet. I then moved to New York City to gain experience at renowned restaurants including Café Clooney, Marlow & Sons, Diner, and Fatty Crab.  It was in New York that my curiosity and connection to well-sourced ingredients was cultivated, which eventually led me to one of the South's first farm-to-table restaurants, Farm 255. There, I fell in love with pigs, pig farming, and all that it entails. It was also in Georgia that I fell in love with my now-wife, Amy. Together, in 2012, we embarked on the great journey westward where we continue to live out the dream. 

In Santa Barbara County we found our community built upon relationships anchored in food and wine... [to be continued... ]



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